There may be times in your career that you choose to “take a break” from your practice.  This could include a parental leave, travel or illness. 

The CAA provides the opportunity to apply become a “non-practicing” member for a period of no more than two years.  It reduces the financial obligation and there are no practice hours required.  You will be required to complete the CCP requirements and any mandatory training required by the College for each year, which must be documented at renewal. 

To be eligible to become non-practicing, you must:

  1. Be a registrant on the General Register;
  2. Have completed 600 direct practice hours in the last 3 years;
  3. Be current with all fees;
  4. Not under investigation or awaiting hearing or a decision; in relation to a complaint or other disciplinary conduct; and
  5. Not be subject to any restrictions on you practice permit

Please refer to the Non-Practicing Policy for all the details.  Further details on applying for non-practicing status are outlined on the Application

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