The College of Acupuncturists of Alberta (CAA) requires all Registrants (excluding non-practicing members) to carry professional liability insurance (PLI) of at least two million dollars per claim/occurrence at all times.

The requirement of PLI is in place to protect both the patient and the Registrant. PLI protects the public by ensuring they have recourse in the event of harm caused by a registrant of the CAA. A Registrant is protected professionally and financially from claims (real, alleged or false) made against the Registrant as a result of rendering professional services.

Effective on Nov 3, 2021, the CAA will no longer be administering the provision of professional liability insurance for registrants. All Registrants should review their professional liability insurance to confirm the renewal date and ensure that they have professional liability insurance in force at all times in the amount and type as required by Council. Many policies expired on December 31, 2021.

Some alternatives are provided below:

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