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Announcement of New Executive Director & Registrar(June/24)
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On behalf of the Council of the College of Acupuncturists of Alberta (College), I am delighted to announce the appointment of Michelle Phillips, Dr. Ac., as our
Executive Director and Registrar Resignation(April/24)
I hope this message finds you well. We write to inform you of an important change within the College […]
Update for Members(April/24)
Each year, the College may require learning activities that are related to a specific topic based on the College’s mandate to serve the public […]
2024-25 Renewal Improvements(Jan/24)
Thank you. Here’s some of the ways we used your feedback to help us improve the renewal process: 1. Updated […]
Executive Director Update(Dec/23)
As 2023 draws to a close, and I look back on the previous year, I find myself feeling grateful for Council and my […]
Executive Director Update(Sep/23)
I can’t believe it’s fall again. Another year has passed so fast! I’m happy to be able to provide another positive […]
Renewal and CCP Survey Results(Jun/23)
To learn more about how acupuncturists feel about the Continuing Competence Program [...]
Executive Director Update(Jun/23)
This update is focused on a crucial element of strong partnerships: communication. How we […]
Changes to Legislation(Apr/23)
On March 31, 2023, the Health Statutes Amendment Act 2020 (No.2), also known as Bill 46, was officially […]
Executive Director Update(Apr/23)
I am always appreciative of the opportunity to communicate directly with our members in these updates […]
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