Our Vision: Acupuncturists are primary care practitioners providing safe collaborative care for the health and wellness of Albertans

Our Mission: To protect Albertans by establishing and upholding professional standards for acupuncturists through regulatory excellence

Our Values

Integrity: Prioritize being honest and authentic above all else.

Innovation: Believe that if we are not getting better, we are not moving forward.

Drive: Be the catalyst that creates change.

Leadership: Be motivated by making others stronger.

Collaboration: Know that we can raise the bar higher together than any one person can alone.

Our History

1988 – Acupuncture becomes regulated in Alberta for the first time under the Health Disciplines Act. The entity that regulates the profession is the Acupuncture Committee.

2011 – The Minister of Health designates the College and Association of Acupuncturists of Alberta (CAAA) to regulate the acupuncture profession in the public interest.

2020 – The acupuncture profession is now regulated under the Health Professions Act (Act). According to section 3.1 of the Act, College’s must have no functions of, connections to, or affiliations with associations. The CAAA transitions to the CAA (College of Acupuncturists of Alberta).

Relationship between a College and Association

Colleges and Associations exist for very different reasons, and each functions differently in terms of purpose. One is not interchangeable for another. A regulated profession benefits when both entities co-exist and work together to fulfill their primary goals.

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