The Alberta Acupuncture Registration Examinations (AARE) test the occupational competencies of entry-level acupuncturists to ensure safe, competent, and ethical practice. Successful completion of the AARE is one of the requirements for registration with the College of Acupuncturists of Alberta (CAA). The AARE includes the following components:

  1. Pan-Canadian Examination (Multiple-Choice & Clinical Case components)
  2. CAA Safety Exam
  3. CAA Modalities Exam
  4. CAA Acupuncture Points Exam



Important Update – September 23, 2022

The College of Acupuncturists of Alberta (the CAA) has posted a video orientation for the Fall 2022 Examinations. The video can be viewed here and will take about 20 minutes of your time to view in it’s entirety.

If candidates have additional questions, they can contact the CAA at [email protected] or
780-466-7787. Answers to any additional questions will be added to the AARE Frequently Asked Questions document.

Important Dates

Application OpensJune 1stDecember 1st
Application ClosesJuly 15thJanuary 15th
Refund DeadlineAugust 15thFebruary 15th
Deadline for Special Accommodation RequestsJuly 15thJanuary 15th
Examination Fees due DateAugust 15thFebruary 15th
Pan-Canadian Exam DatesOctober 25 & 26, 2023 (backup 27th)April 26 & 27, 2023 (backup 28th)
CAA ExamsTBDApril 22 & 23, 2023


Exam Application Fee (Non-refundable) $300
Retake Application Fee (Non-refundable) $150
Pan-Canadian Exam Fee $915
CAA Safety Exam Fee $120
CAA Modalities Exam Fee $300
CAA Acupuncture Points Exam Fee $300

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