New Registration Applicants

Effective January 1, 2022, a valid standard first-aid and CPR-C certification is required to complete your registration application.

Existing Registrants

A valid standard first-aid and CPR-C certification will be required to complete your renewal application for March 31, 2023. Standard first-aid and CPR-C certification is not required for March 31, 2022 renewal.

Certification Requirements

A certification must include the following information:

  • Indication of standard first-aid and CPR-C (at minimum)
  • Recipient
  • Expiry date
  • Training provider (must be approved by Alberta Occupational Health and Safety)

Examples of Acceptable First-aid and CPR Training

First-aid CPR
Standard first-aid
Advanced first-aid
First Responder
CPR-C with AED
BLS Provider
First Responder

Emergency first-aid, CPR-A, CPR-B, or CPR with no indication of level are not accepted.

Approved Training Agencies

The CAA does not approve training agencies. Registrants must obtain standard first-aid and CPR-C training from an organization approved by the Alberta Occupational Health and Safety. Many programs offer 3-year certification. Ensure to check how long your chosen program’s certification lasts.

A complete list of approved training agencies are listed on the Alberta government’s website:

Once on the website, click on “View Resource”. This will open up a document of approved training agencies.

Visit an approved training agency’s website for more information on first-aid/CPR courses they offer. For example, for the Canadian Red Cross Society, visit; for the Heart and Stroke Foundation, visit Using Google Search to find training agencies is not advised as some websites may include misleading information.

It is important to note that training agencies may work with different providers/partners. For example, an acceptable provider may be “Delta Emergency Support Training” as long as the training agency is the Canadian Red Cross. Always enter the TRAINING AGENCY when filling out your renewal form.

Have Questions?

Answers to questions regarding first-aid/CPR can be found on our Registration Renewal FAQ page.


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