Under the Health Professions Act, to practice as an acupuncturist and use a protected title (i.e., acupuncturist, doctor of acupuncture, Dr. Ac., R. Ac., Ac.), you must be registered and have a valid practice permit.

For registrants on the General and Non-practicing Registers:

  • Registration Renewal is mandatory.
  • Registration Renewal is required to be completed annually by March 31. 
  • Registration Renewal must be completed and submitted via the Member Portal.
  • If Registration Renewal (including full payment) is not completed by March 31, the acupuncturist’s practice permit will be suspended on April 1 and it will be illegal for them to practice acupuncture.
  • A valid practice permit must be displayed when you provide acupuncture services (as outlined in the Health Professions Act section 36(5)).
The College’s Registration Policy and Procedure are available here under the Regulatory category.

Registration Renewal runs annually from February 1 to March 31.

Due to the high volume of inquiries the College receives during renewal, the College highly recommends that members renew early in the event they need support. If you have questions or technical issues, you risk not getting the support you need to complete your renewal on time.

In order to complete the renewal form, you will need to:

  1. Update your profile.
  2. Record your practice hours (including direct practice hours).
  3. Submit a valid professional liability insurance certificate.
  4. Complete Continuing Competence Program requirements:

a. At least fifteen (15) continuing competence program credits for the previous registration cycle
b. At least one learning goal with a learning summary and reflection for the upcoming registration cycle

       5. Submit a valid standard first-aid and CPR-C certificate.
       6. Pay a $1200 practice permit fee.

You must complete and submit all of the above to successfully renew.

Applications that do not require the College’s review are approved immediately upon payment in full.

The annual registration fee is $1200. A late fee of $400 will be applied if your registration renewal is completed after March 31.

The annual registration fee can be paid by:

  • Visa debit or credit card on your member portal.
  • E-transfer to [email protected]. Please ensure you enter the following information in the message field:
    • Your name and registration number
    • What the funds are for (ex: application fee, registration fees, fine payment, examination fee, Letter of Standing fee, Late renewal fee, etc.).
  • Cheque or money order. Send directly to our office at:
    • College of Acupuncturists of Alberta
      #201, 9612 51 Avenue
      Edmonton, AB T6A 5A6

Your tax receipt is available in the Member Portal immediately upon payment in full.

Once you have completed your renewal and paid your renewal fee, you will see a link to your practice permit on the home page of your  Member Portal.

Resources and support regarding the Member Portal and completing your registration renewal can be found on the Member Portal Support Page.

If a member does not complete renewal by March 31:

  • As of April 1, the member’s registration will be suspended.
  • As of April 1, it will be illegal for the member to practice acupuncture.
  • The member will incur a late fee of $400.
  • The member will receive a notice of intention to cancel their registration if they have not completed renewal within the next 30 days.

If a member does not complete renewal by the date set out in the notice of intention to cancel registration:

  • Their practice permit will be cancelled.
  • It will remain illegal for the member to practice acupuncture.
  • To resume practicing acupuncture, the member will have to complete and submit a Reinstatement Application, including the application fee*.
  • The College will notify the member’s employer of the cancellation of their permit.

*According to the fees set out in College of Acupuncturists of Alberta Fee Schedule (under Operations Policies).

If you are cancelling your registration, we ask that you let us know by contacting us at [email protected].

Information, including FAQs, regarding the Continuing Competence Program can be found on the Continuing Competence Program Page.

Information, including FAQs, regarding Insurance can be found on the Insurance Page.

Information, including FAQs, regarding First-aid/CPR can be found on the First-aid/CPR page.

Information, including FAQs, regarding Practice Hours can be found on the Practice Hours Page.

If the answer to your question is not on our website, you can contact the College at [email protected], 780-466-7787, or join our Facebook community.

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