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Name Province City Postal Code Registration Phone
Abdur Rahman Afzal Syed AB Calgary T3M 0T2 R1201185 403-813-9111
Adam Salzman AB Edmonton T5G 0E1 R1200559 780-451-1234
Adrianne McEwen AB Calgary T2K 1J7 R1200894 403-289-0040 ext 1
Adriano Silva AB Calgary R1201190 (RESTRICTED)
Adrienne Perkins AB Slocan V0G 2C0 R1200609 250-551-9324
Aimee Movold AB Devon T9G 1G2 R1201072 780-738-4769
Alan Su AB Grande Prairie T8V 8H9 R1201088 780-832-0188
Alanna Pickering AB Calgary T2T 0B1 R1200887 403-200-2190
Alda Ngo AB Edmonton T6H 4R5 R1201107 780-756-7736
Aleah McKenzie AB Beiseker T0M 0G0 R1201105 403-947-3444
Alex Nay AB Leduc R1200623 (INACTIVE)
Alexander Schultze AB Calgary T2G 0A4 R1200760 403-245-8282
Alexandra Stam AB Edmonton T6J 7B9 R1201154 780-988-5803
Alexandria Besaw AB Calgary T3A 5K8 R1200943 403-547-7877
Alice Wong AB Calgary T3A 6K7 R1200100 403-239-9333
Alina Tousseeva AB Edmonton T6E 5X4 R1200693 780-885-3631
Allan Fradsham AB Calgary T2T 0B2 R1200890 403-229-2520
Allison Trent AB Calgary T3R 0P3 R1200603 403-540-2105
Althea Lacasse AB Cochrane T4C 2B8 R1200176 403-932-1088
Alyson Chesson AB Calgary T3A 0X9 R1200627 403-450-3947
Alyssa Baser AB Edmonton R1201186 250-516-2565
Alyssa Cochrane AB Calgary T2M 2P4 R1201200 403-660-5178
Alyssandria Hadden AB Calgary T2X 2X7 R1200751 403-993-5487
Amanda Selmser AB Cochrane T4C 2B6 R1200758 403-851-8868
Amanda Diep AB Calgary T2G 0B3 R1200345 403-918-8936
Amanda Knight AB Edmonton T5E 5L9 R1201220
Amanda Perizzolo AB Calgary T2P 1R2 R1200953 403-560-1336
Amanda Butler AB Canmore T1W 1P5 R1201091 403-688-1561
Amanda Gergely AB Fort McMurray T9H 0C1 R1200526 780-743-0566
Amanda Zoethout AB Canmore T1W 1P4 R1201054 403-678-1240
Amanda Roth AB Edmonton T6E 4C5 R1200582 780-932-5128
Amanda Gillette AB Calgary T2R 0B8 R1200958 403-869-4149
Amanda Ballas AB Calgary T2X 3V1 R1200310 403-828-5788
Amber Willis (Fesser) AB Calgary T2J 5N8 R1201020 403-257-6163
Ami Costa AB Wainwright T9W 1H7 R1200782 780-703-3303
Amy Lao AB Calgary T2H 0G3 R1200103 403-640-1989
Amy Wan AB Edmonton T6E 3N8 R1200289 780-439-4321
Amy Nykoluk AB Calgary T2M 0H6 R1200833 587-351-1131
An Xie AB Calgary T3G 3X2 R1200499 403-708-6588
Anastasia Sinkovskaia AB Calgary T2N 0G6 R1201050 306-513-5954
Andrea Wingrave AB Edmonton T5K 0J3 R1200509 780-756-7020
Andrea Hejtmanek AB Calgary T2W 6E2 R1200600 403-826-9529
Andrea House AB Edmonton T5J 1C3 R1200251 780-428-4325
Andrea Scheler AB North Battleford S9A 1G5 R1200920 306-446-0046
Andrew Dulcamara AB Calgary T2L 1L1 R1200606 403-702-4039
Angela Lee AB Calgary T2M 1H5 R1200419 (INACTIVE) 403-286-8788
Angela Fingler AB Calgary T2J 3N8 R1200271 403-253-3103
Angela Merlo AB Redwood Meadows T3Z 1A3 R1200223 (INACTIVE) 403-479-8182
Angela Chetcuti AB Fort McMurray T9K 1S6 R1200904 780-750-3391
Angela Ginther AB Calgary T2P 3H2 R1200563 403-266-2428

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