Q: I saw a website that claims it has courses that have been approved for College of Acupuncturists of Alberta CCP credits. Are all courses listed on these websites eligible for CCP credits?

A: Not necessarily. Use of our logo may make it appear that the CAA has pre-approved or accredited courses from these organizations, but the College does not pre-approve or accredit courses.

The College:

  1. Is not in partnership with any organization that offers education courses.
  2. Does not permit any website offering education courses to use our name and/or logo on their website.
  3. Does not pre-approve or accredit courses.
  4. Only accepts courses for CCP credits that are within the scope of acupuncture or is of a topic identified as a College-directed activity (ex: herbology-only content is not accepted).

If you see a website that is using our logo, please report it to us at [email protected].

Q: What time period do these activities cover?

A: The CCP includes activities that take place between April 1 to March 31 of the following year.

Q: Will the CCP always require 15 credits per year?

A: Yes.

Q: If you have extra credits (more than 15 hours), can you carry the credits forward to next year?

A: No. Policy states that you cannot carry credits forward from year to year. The purpose of a continuing competence program is that members engage in professional development every year.

Q: Where do you upload certification documentation for first-aid and CPR?

A: First-aid and CPR are not part of your CCP program, so you do not need to upload these documents into your CCP form. Instead, first-aid and CPR are part of your registration renewal process. Once registration renewal opens, this will be part of the registration renewal form.

Q: Are all reflections and learning summaries limited to 750 characters?

A: Yes, text should not exceed 750 characters (approximately 100 words) in all text boxes.

Q: Can we only click to submit if we’ve completed all requirements for the year?

A: Yes, the system will not allow you to submit if requirements have not been met. You can use the Save for Later button to save your progress prior to being ready for submission.

Q: If I take a 2-day course, and each day has 7 hours of learning, does it count as 14 hours?

A: Yes, if you take a 2-day course, and each day has 7 hours of learning, it counts as 14 hours of learning.

Q: Can I claim self study, like reading acupuncture books, for CCP credits?

A: Yes, reading books related to acupuncture is considered self-directed study.

Q: Can I claim the time spent reviewing the latest research on acupuncture techniques for CCP credits?

A: Yes, time spent reviewing the latest research on acupuncture techniques can be used towards CCP credits.

Q: Does participation in study groups count for CCP credits?

A: Yes, participation in study groups can count towards CCP credits. Please check the CCP Procedure document available on the College website for specifics regarding which activities can be used for CCP credits as well as what can be submitted as supporting documents.

Q: If I take a course that takes more than one year, can I use it as credit towards multiple years?

A: Yes, if a program is more than one year, you can break it down into sections and record the learning activities as you complete them. You must set a goal for each year and complete a learning summary and reflection for that goal.

Q: Can I claim teaching hours for CCP credits?

A: No, teaching hours cannot be used towards CCP credits.

Q: Can I claim CCP credits for topics that I will use for my business, but are outside the practice of acupuncture?

A: No, you cannot claim CCP credits for learning something outside of an acupuncturist’s scope of practice. Your learning must enable you to maintain or enhance competency as an acupuncturist. For example, an aromatherapy course that explains the chemical properties and therapeutic effects of essential oils does not count towards your CCP credits. You may be able to earn credits for a course that closely integrates TCM theories with aromatherapy. Please contact the College if you have any questions regarding if something is eligible for CCP credits or not.

Q: What would supporting documents be if courses were not purchased individually so there is no invoice for the specific course you are using towards CCP credits?

A: There are various supporting documents that the College will accept. Some examples include study notes, a screen shot of the course, and course materials that were provided to you.

Q: Can goals remain the same from year to year?

A: Yes, in certain circumstances, the direction of your goal can remain the same in multiple years. However, the specifics of the goal, learning summary, reflection, and activity should all be different. The purpose of the CCP is to be learning something new each year.

Q: If multiple people participate in a seminar, can they all use the same goal and learning summary?

A: No, multiple people cannot intentionally use the same goal, learning summary and reflection. The intent of the Continuing Competence Program (CCP) is for each member to continue to learn throughout their profession. Therefore, each individual person is required to determine their own goal and to reflect on their own learning.

Q: Where do you find information regarding College-directed activities for the current CCP cycle?

A: Information on College-directed activities for the current CCP cycle can be found on the College’s website. As of today, the information can be found at this location: College’s website – Registrants – Renewal – Continuing Competence Program – scroll down to section entitled College-directed activities.

Q: This year (in 2022-23), College-directed activities are not required and are only recommended. Will that change in the future?

A: This year, College-directed activities are optional. However, College-directed activities will vary from year to year. In future years, there may be mandatory requirements for College-directed activities. Information about the College-directed activities will be made available on the College’s website on April 1 of each continuing competence cycle/registration year.

Q: Does the College provide CCP lecture or learning activities?

A: No, the College does not provide CCP lecture or learning activities at this time. (Question answered in 2023).

Q: Does College-directed activities mean that the College runs a course for those topics?

A: No, College-directed activities does not mean that the College runs courses for those topics. College-directed means they are course topics chosen by the College on a yearly basis that you can use towards CCP credits.

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