As you are aware, the CAA is no longer providing/facilitating Professional Liability Insurance for� Registrants. This will result in many Registrants changing their insurance provider.�

Please ensure you advise your existing insurer of any claim or known circumstance that could give rise to a claim prior to December 31, 2021. If reporting of a known claim or circumstance is not done prior to the expiry of your policy, coverage will likely not be provided for these known claims or circumstances after December 31, 2021 under the new carrier�s policy. An example of a claim is a complaint to the regulator, or a suit being filed against you as a professional claiming damages. An example of a known circumstance is: Was a patient hurt while in your care but nothing further has been mentioned but your� �gut� is wondering if this is something? Did a patient or a family member advise they were unhappy with the conduct of your services or communication? Was anything verbal expressed to you, or someone in the clinic, that could result in a claim. If you feel yes to anything of this nature then these need to be reported to the existing insurance company prior to the end of the current policy term.

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