First-aid and CPR Requirements � FAQ

We have received a number of questions about first-aid and CPR from Registrants. We compiled a list of
the frequently asked questions for you to learn more about the new registration/renewal requirements.

1. When do I need to obtain my first-aid and CRP certification?

Current registrants must obtain a valid standard first-aid and CPR-C certification for March 31, 2023 renewal. First-aid and CPR-C certification is not required for March 31, 2022 renewal.

New registration applicants must provide a valid standard first-aid and CPR-C certification starting January 1, 2022)

2. What level of first-aid and CPR is required?

Registrants must obtain, at a minimum, standard first-aid and CPR-C. For example:

First-aid CPR
� Standard first-aid
� Advanced first-aid
� First Responder
� CPR-C with AED
� BLS Provider
� First Responder

Emergency first-aid, CPR-A, CPR-B, or CPR with no indication of level are not accepted.

3. Where should I obtain my first-aid and CPR training?

Registrants must obtain their first-aid and CPR training from an Alberta Occupational Health and Safety approved agency:

4. What proof do I need to provide to CAA?

Registrants must provide a valid certification of standard first-aid and CPR-C upon request by the CAA. The certification must include the following information:

� Indication of standard first-aid and CPR-C (at minimum)
� Recipient
� Expiry date
� Training provider (must be approved by Alberta Occupational Health and Safety)

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