Continuing Education Units (CEU) Requirements Update

The College of Acupuncturists of Alberta (CAA) is a regulatory college and is mandated to protect and ensure the public interest. In order to do so, the CAA must ensure its Registrants maintain competency throughout their career. The CAA recognizes that continuing professional development contributes to competency maintenance and understands the importance of CEU requirements. As such, once the CAA� was proclaimed under the Health Professions Act, the CAA immediately initiated the development of the� Continuing Competence Program (CCP), which is required by the HPA and supports the CAA�s mandate to protect the public.

2020 has been a transitional year and, recognizing that, the CAA has decided to waive the CEU audit for the March 31, 2022 renewal. Registrants will not be required to report their CEU hours in Alinity when completing their renewal. However, the CAA would like to remind all Registrants that they are required to keep evidence/supporting documents of their CEU hours for a minimum of 5 years. This will also apply to the Continuing Competence Program.

Even though Registrants are not required to report their CEU hours for the March 31, 2022 renewal, the� CAA encourages all Registrants to continue to engage in continuing professional development. It is a� Registrants� obligation to maintain competence throughout their career.

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