Interim Policy for Online Class Delivery

By   09 Aug, 2021

Approval Date: July 27, 2021

Under the Health Disciplines Act, the registration application form stated that “Acupuncture Distance Learning or “On-Line” Courses/Programs ARE NOT APPROVED by the College and Association of Acupuncturists of Alberta or the Health Disciplines Board.” With acupuncturists now under the Health Professions Act, the College of Acupuncturists of Alberta (the CAA) has more authority over the approval of acupuncture education programs.

Online course delivery was recognized as essential during the COVID-19 pandemic, and research has shown equal effectiveness of online learning compared to traditional learning. Due to these considerations, the Council of the CAA is prepared to allow online learning and approves the following Interim Policy for Online Class Delivery.

Interim Policy for Online Class Delivery
Online-learning is permitted for the lecture portion of training programs. Changing a course’s delivery method to online or hybrid requires prior approval from the Acupuncture Education Program Review Committee.

In the event that public health orders prohibit acupuncture programs from providing the traditional in-person class delivery, acupuncture programs may proceed to online or hybrid delivery without prior approval.

Types of Instruction

• Lectures – These are theory classes where students learn course materials through oral and audio-visual presentations.
• Practicals – These are hands-on learning classes where students learn and apply their learning in a physical and practical manner. These include laboratory classes. Practical classes cannot be delivered in an online format.
• Clinics – These are observation or internship classes where students observe or practice under the supervision of experienced Acupuncturists to provide acupuncture services. Clinic classes cannot be delivered in an online format.