Metabolism disorders balanced through TCM

By   19 Apr, 2017
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Date(s) - 19 Apr, 2017
6:30 am - 11:00 am


Topic:  Metabolism disorders balanced through TCM
Date: Wednesday, April 19, 2017 Time:   7:00 pm – 9:00 pm
Location:  Kahanoff Conference Centre (105 – 12th Avenue SE, Calgary), Room 202
CEU hours:  2 CEU hours
Cost: $10.00 (goes toward the purchase of a gift card for the speaker and snacks for attendees)

Speaker: Dr. William Zhao
Dr. William Zhao has a Ph.D. degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine integrated with Western Medicine from Beijing Traditional Medicine and Pharmacy University, China. Currently, he is a member of the CAAA council and Chair of the CAAA Examination Committee. He has extensive clinical experience in both China and Canada. He has been practicing in Calgary for 20 years as the owner of China Traditional Chinese Medicine Center. He is willing to share his experience with his colleagues to promote public recognition of acupuncture’s role in Alberta’s health care.

Hypertension in adults is blood pressure measured greater than 140 mmHg (upper or systolic blood pressure) and/or greater than 90 mmHg (lower or diastolic pressure).
Recently, a new classification of “high-normal” or prehypertension has also been defined as blood pressure from 130-139 mmHg for Systolic and over 85-89 mmHg for diastolic. Ideally blood pressure in adults should be approximately 120/80 mmHg.
Blood pressure may vary considerably in the same individual at different times for many reasons. Thus, hypertension should be supported by repeated measurements that show sustained elevation of blood pressure. Only about half of hypertensive people are currently being treated.  Of treated, hypertensive people, only about one-fourth have their blood pressure controlled properly  .Hypertension is important because it is associated with heart attack, stroke, kidney failure and other serious diseases. There are lots of associated risk factors with hypertension.  The aging correlates with rising prevalence of hypertension.  African Americans have a higher rate of hypertension than Caucasians. Obesity, sleep apnea and smoking are high related with hypertension.   Essential or primary hypertension has no known explanation (94% of cases), chronic renal (kidney) disease (5%) and other causes (1%) V. Signs and Symptoms. Unfortunately, uncomplicated hypertension is almost always asymptomatic, even though slowly progressive cardiovascular damage may be occurring during this period. Classic symptoms are non-specific; they include headache, tinnitus (ringing in the ear), dizziness, fainting and chronic fatigue.  Dr. William Zhao will show you how to prevent and help to control the hypertension with acupuncture and herb medicine only or combination with drugs in the seminar in order to improve your clinic practice effects.