TCM Strategies for Chronic Diseases

21 Jun, 2018 All Day

Speaker: Dr. William Zhao
Dr. William Zhao has a Ph.D. degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine integrated with Western Medicine from Beijing Traditional Medicine and Pharmacy University, China. He has extensive clinical experience in both China and Canada. He has been practicing in Calgary for 20 years and is willing to share his experience with his colleagues to promote public awareness of traditional Chinese medicine and recognition of acupuncture’s role in Alberta’s health care.

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Intro to Moxa CEU

24 Jun, 2018 All Day

Introduction to Heat Sensitive Transmitting Moxibustion

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Int'l Conference of TCM Vancouver

11 Aug, 2018 All Day

Learn more about the International Conference of Traditional Medicines for Health and Wellness.
The 2nd 2018 Vancouver.
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Int’l Conference of TCM Vancouver

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